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Online & phone consultations also available 
Initial Consultation 
30-60 Minutes

Your initial consultation involves a comprehensive gathering of information in order to gain an understanding of your personal health, including your current health priorities.  Dietary and lifestyle analysis and relevant naturopathic examinations will be incorporated, which will allow an appropriate treatment plan to be formulated.

Following this, functional pathology testing may be requested (at an additional cost) if necessary.

Maree's aim is to provide you with realistic recommendations so that together you can work toward achieving both short and long term health goals.

Follow-Up Consultations
30-40 Minutes

A follow-up consultation will usually be recommended 2-3 weeks after your first appointment. This is in order to monitor your progress, discuss any test results, and to make to make relevant adjustments to your treatment plan going forward.

Frequency of subsequent appointments is dependent upon your unique situation

Acute Consultations
15 Minutes

A short consultation is available for mild ailments such as cold & flu, sleep disturbance, hayfever, stomach upset, pain & inflammation (injury), stress support and general immune support.


Please note that due to Covid restrictions, any person suffering from upper respiratory symptoms or illness may be unable to attend the clinic in person.  A phone or zoom consultation may be booked and prescriptions can be sent via courier.

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